In terms of emotional and responsive techniques, I think my site is really good. At the midterm, we discussed how my site would only be responsive to those who are not color blind. My website featured only pink colors, which had the potiential to apprear grey to those who are color blind. I have now added in some tans, and browns throughout the website so that it can be more aesthetically pleasing to all. I also have incorporated flexible images. On my homepage, I feature one image for the desktop and one for the tablet and mobile phone. I also changed the styling of my name based on the mobile and desktop image. At first my name was visible on the desktop but not on the mobile, due to the change in photo. To fix that, I added a background behind my name that correlates with my design persona, and makes it more visible. All of my photos also have alt texts, which describes what is happening in the photos. They are descriptive and tell what colors are being used, who or what is in the image and the location of the image.

Looking at the resume assignment, I have grown a lot as a coder. It’s shocking because at the midterm I was able to code an entire resume page to how I wanted and did not think there would be to much more to learn. Since then I have learned how to embed a video, how to add photos as backgrounds or featured items on a page. Right now, I think I am proficient with coding in the sense that I can properly code a HTML and CSS page. I also know how to work with multiple stylesheets, and HTML pages. At first, the trickiest thing was learning how to style all of the different HTML pages with one main stylesheet. I learned that the more names of boxes I added, the more the code grows. If possible, it is best to keep the same name of a div class if I plan to style it the same way. I have learned how to better layout pages based off a grid system. I do still need help when it comes to the width of boxes, which I think hinders me from being more advanced. I would have liked to play with the background of my website more. At first, I had a cheetah print background which I liked, but it was not displaying how I would’ve liked. It was cut off in some places on the webpage, but would display on the mobile phone on one side but fully on the tablet. In the future, I would love to learn how to add in more advanced elements like a moving photo, or how to link the photo its self to a new page. I also think spending more time learning about the grid and box systems of a page would help me to feel more comfortable with styling.