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My Work

This is the cover of one of my projects. Its outlined in pink with a drawing of a cartoon women with yarn as hair.

While studying abroad in Florence, Italy, I had the opportunity to take a digital marketing course. Throughout the semester, we were tasked with working with the CEO of Bettaknit, which is a small fashion start up company. The goal of this company was to sell high quality yarn in order for young woman to create their own fashion and #makeknittingcoolagain. My team and I put together a creative brief to help her reach her desired audience and increase her digital presence. As a result of our hard work, the CEO choose to implement our ideas. Today their Instagram has double while their Youtube has tripled in followers.

 This is a marketing project and the logo shown is pink and orange that fades into each other. The logo reads Olympia. There is a circular wreath of leaves around it.

During my advertising course at St. Joe's, my group and I had to invent a product and design a marketing campaign around the product’s launch. We created a subscription workout box that is customizable to the consumer's work out needs. We incorporated both traditional and digital marketing communication techniques as well as planned out the budget.

This is a compolation of my senior year mood board. It features greens, pinks, tans, brown, and other earthy colors. it also shows pictures of waves crashes, flowers and different gold patterns.

In the spring semster of 2019 I took a web design course. For the class we were asked to create a design persona that would help us create the visuals of our coded web pages. This is the visual mood board I created for the assignment. It shows the colors I would like to use, along with pictures different settings and items that inspire the vibes I would like my site to give off. Over all I wanted the mood to feel classy, vibrant, and proffesional.

This is picture of a cartoon spoon with a red background. It is the logo of Spoon University.

My junior year I had the privilage of serving as the Co-President and Marketing Director of Spoon University. I was in charge of planning events and marketing our chapter of Spoon on Saint Joseph's campus. Check out the social media page I ran on Spoon's Instagram. Don't know what Spoon University is? No Problem, learn more at Spoon's website.