Part One

Typically, when I sit down to write an essay or even an article, I think about the content first. When it comes to coding I think of the structure first. At the beginning of this class we had to completely learn what the coding language was. The language actually helps to set up the structure of the page so that the computer can read it and display the content we want it too. Without learning the structure, the content wouldn’t exist. For setting up the resume page I had to think about the title of my page, what headings I wanted to include, if I wanted paragraphs or lists; things like that come first before the content. I also had to set up things like html and tell it that it is an html document not a CSS, the language of the document which is the html lang="en" tag. All of that has to come first.

Writing online content also is different than writing for print. When writing content online I learned in my Com 200 course to be concise. Now a days everyone is on the go and wants their information quick and fast. Sad or not people tend to stay away from reading long, wordy articles. I have kept this idea in mind when writing my personal statement and my blogs. My personal statement I split up into 4 paragraphs in order to make it easier for the audience to read. I tried to keep each paragraph around 5 sentences so it is skimmable. I also try to use professional yet easy language to understand.

It is similar in the sense that you have to consider your audience. No matter what your writing it is important to know who will be reading your article weather that’s on print or online. In terms of reading your code, it is important to keep it clean. By keeping it clean it is easier to go back and fix mistakes or explain to your boss or professor why you did what you did.

Part Two

The one thing I would change about my resume is its layout. I like the fact that it has floating classes and the way it looks but I am not sure it shows off everything I’ve done. Coming from a background in business, were told to have a specific layout. Everyone follows the exact same format for the most part. I’m so use to that format that I never thought to change it. After writing my personal statement, I’m not sure the layout reflects it. I’d love to showcase my skills more than my education which comes on top. If I could use my creative ideas and make a page that isn’t exactly like my resume on print I think it could attract more of an audience.

I feel very comfortable with both css and html. Coming into this class I knew nothing. This was my third comm class so I really only had experience with Comm 200 and Comm Ethics. My friends always joked that technology and I are frenemies because it doesn't always come naturally to me. I was nervous to learn coding but hoped that since I was good at other languages, I'd be good at coding. I have no idea if that is the reason but I did pick it up pretty quickly. I struggled with CSS the most. It took me a little bit to figure out how to coordinate the tags with html. In the beginning I was not good at having a clean coding page in brackets. Nothing was spaced out, there was no messages to be able to understand where things start and stop. I think that is the biggest thing I’ve learned and the most improved aspect of my coding.