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Molly Espinosa

Personal Statement

I am a marketing proffessional looking to help different brands improve their marketing presence. I pride myself on tailoring the content given to me and manipulating it to best serve the client's needs. Every brand is different and deserves to be percieved the way it was initially intended. I believe that marketing has a way of communicating a story to consumers. Each brand has it's own identity, personality, purpose, and tone behind it.

I believe the better a brand comunicates to consumers, the more the consumers will buy into the product or service. It's not just about what the product or service can do, but also who the company is and what it believes in. I want to help companies embrace their brands to effectivley communicate the story behind their product. In today's day in age everything has a brand. Social media has allowed companies, people, and even fictional characters to show their brands and directly engage with the consumers. It is imprtant for businesses to understand how to communicate their brand throughout all media channels.

I value diversity, inclusion, and teamwork. I'm looking to work with individuals or companies who value the same ideas. Everyone has a unique background that aids in their perspective. I think it's important to embrace people's different perpectives through teamwork in order to bounce ideas off of one another. I've found that by embracing and sharing everyone's knowledge and the best ideas shine through.

I'm looking to work with companies who are inspired by their work and want to show it off in the best way possible. I am able to help in both the digital space and through traditional channels. My reflection

Work and Internship Experience

Product Management Intern | PNC | May- august 2018

  • Organized and created a site to house over 100 essential documents for executives and team members to use on a daily basis, which helped to increase the department's productivity
  • Evaluated digital features for the online banking experience and proposed changes to improve the customer journey
  • Conducted a competitor analysis on 4 other bank's application processes
  • Analyzed all 3 application platforms and proposed an initiative to unify all platforms to enhance the process for both PNC and its customers

Hawk Host | Saint Joseph's Administration | August 2016 - present

  • Represent Saint Joseph's University to future students and parents through a campus tour about 50 times a year
  • Communicate and answer all student and parent questions about the SJU experience
  • Adapt quickly in an uncomfortable or unwarranted situation

Take Out Server | Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza | July 2017-Present

  • Increase restaurant revenue and enhance customers' dining experience by providing excellent menu recommendations
  • Listen and communicate in a friendly manner to customers in order provide an outstanding service experience
  • Excel at working in a team environment in order to increase work efficiency and customer satisfaction

Fashionista Intern | College Fashionista| June -August 2017

  • Produced 3 original articles and 10 photos over the course of 12 weeks with an article featured on the website
  • Created social media content for Instagram to market my individual work and to promote the company
  • Collaborated with 2 different writers and 5 different models to obtain best content


Bachelor of Science Degree | May 2019 | Saint Joseph's University

  • Major: Marketing
  • Minor: Communications
  • Overall GPA: 3.33

Florence, Italy | Fall 2017 | Florence University of the Arts

  • Major: Marketing
  • Minor: Communications
  • Studied Marketing and Fashion


  • Excel in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word.
  • Proficiency in Spanish both written and spoken.
  • Basic knowledge of html and css

Extracurricular Activities

  • Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity
  • Spoon University- Acted as the Co-President and Marketing Director